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It's an easy to use bot for any server.

Developer: 󠀀󠀀Peter2469#5460 

Prefix: G- & g-

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Fun CommandsHelp
G-nouSends a No You card
G-addAdd 2 numbers
G-minusTake away 2 numbers
G-timesTimes 2 numbers
G-divideDivide 2 numbers
G-8ballAsk a question and recieve an answer
G-catRecieve a random cat pic
G-dogRecieve a random dog pic
G-embedmakerMake your own Embed
G-hugHug someone
G-cuddleCuddle Someone
G-spankSpank Someone
G-kissKiss Someone
G-patPat Someone
G-slapSlap Someone
G-insultInsult Someone
Regular CommandsHelp
G-infoGives you information about the bot
G-helpGives you the help screen
G-inviteInvites the bot
NSFW Commands

Coming Soon!

Moderation CommandsHelp
G-kickKicks someone
G-banBan someone
G-clearClears chat