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Remember that bot you wanted? It's everyone's favorite, Serifix. It conforms to your desires and wishes!

Developer: sxr. ♡#2298 

Prefix: s!

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A Discord bot built with numerous capabilities.

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> You can invite Serifix by visiting me.

What makes Serifix so special?

DeliveryJust order something for 25 credits, then our employees will deliver it to your guild.
EconomyYup, Serifix's economy system is global! Packed with many games to enjoy or kill time.
AgentYou are a Serifix agent, and your objective is to reach all the travel points to reach HQ.
SocialNow you can show off to your friends with your profile or agent dashboard, global profiles!
AmusementNeed a way to kill time? We got you covered, with the best of games and fun commands.
InformationFetch information from external sites or applications or about a Discord guild or user.
ModerationOh wait, you need a way to ban those pesky rule-breakers. Just use Serifix's moderation.
Auto ModYou also need to keep your server clean from any raiders or spammers. Serifix is here!
UtilityNeed utility commands to edit or do things at such ease? Serifix can help you out.
LoggingYou can configure your own guild settings to set your member, server, or mod logs!
CleverBotYou can just mention or DM Serifix and he will reply. Be aware of his personality!
SettingsSerifix has many features you can set for your servers.
ImageMeme your friends horrible profile picture using Serifix, ezpz roasted.
TextUse weird text manipulation commands because..? you're weird?
MemeboxYES, perfect! A better meme bot to get all your dank memes from, yay!

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