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GroundDug offers full custom permissions system and extensive admin commands which makes it harder for your server to be

Developer: Fabio A.#0001 

Prefix: g!

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Why should I use GroundDug?

### Full Administrative Control right at your fingertips

GroundDug includes an extensive list of administrator commands to help you control and manage your server much easier than ever before. GroudDug includes muting and unmuting of your members in text channels and voice channels, soft banning users to delete their messages quickly, and a anti-raid mode which kicks users who join while the mode is active and alerts them that the server is in raid mode.

Custom permissions system

With GroundDug, you no longer need to rely on Discord for your permissions. GroundDug includes a custom permissions system which it relies on for all of its administrative features. This makes it much easier to control which users in your server have access to what commands. With GroundDugs' permissions, it is also much harder for a user to go through and ban members from your guild as each command can be logged.

Extensive logging

GroundDug also includes a logging module. Every time a command is ran through GroundDug, the bot can be configured to send a message to a text channel alerting you of which command was run and by what user. Each module has its own individual logging settings to further refine what commands are logged.

I'm sold! How do I get it?

To have GroundDug in your server, simply press the Invite this Bot button and type g!help to get started!