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Info/images from over 100 Animes(1000Pics+), CatGirl Pics, FoxGirl Pics, 40+ Anime Gifs,Memes/Jokes, Games:DBD,Fortnite,

Developer: Rem Galleu best waifu#7779 

Prefix: ??

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General Commands

??helpAvailable Commands
??updateLatest Update!
??uptimeBot's Uptime

Utility Commands:

??ap premiumHow to buy Auto Premium (3$ or more per month)
??premiumHow to buy Premium (2$ per month)
??timer infoHow to use Timer Set!
??dmturn on/off your Direct Messages
??inviteInvite the bot to your server!
??voteVote for us!
??donateIf you want to support us!


??dailyGives you 200 coins once per day
??earnYou can earn a random amount of coins (1-15) every 2 minutes
??coinflip (heads or tails) (the amount you want to bet)You have 50% of doubeling your coins!
??balShort for balance
??balanceYour current balance
??balance (@mention)User's Balance
??eplace (@mention)User's position on the global leaderboard
??buy listWhat you can buy with the coins
??work Premium OnlyYou can work once every 12 hours to earn a random amount of coins.
??transfer (@mention) (amount) Premium OnlyTransfer a specific amount of coins to a specific user.

Anime Commands

??CGCatgirl Picture
??FGFoxGirl Picture
??AGAnime Girl Pictures
??ABAnime Boy Pictures
??anime_nameRandom picture from the anime
??info anime_nameDetailed information about the anime: Synopsis,Episodes,Seasons
??list 1Available Animes


??fortnite dropRandom Fortnite Drop Location
??r6 attackRandom R6 Attacker
??r6 defendRandom R6 Defender
??r6 info (operator)Information About The R6 Operators (Attacker only for now)
??dbd killer perk4 Random Killer Perks!
??dbd survivor perk4 Random Survivor Perks!
??dbd killer perk4 Random Killer Perks!
??dbd info (perk_name)Information About The Perk (Survivor Perks Only for now)
??lol champion pickA random champion
??lol mode pickDraft,Ranked,Featured Game Mode
??lol lane pickTop/Mid/Bottom/Jungle
??lol full pickAll of the above in one command
??apex dropRandom Apex Drop Place!
??apex pickRandom Apex Character
??csgo competitiveRandom CS:GO Map
??csgo ct pickRandom Items For CT Rounds
??csgo t pickRandom Items For T Rounds
??69ball (Your message)Like 8ball, but it's 69ball!
??iqWhat's your iq UwU?
??rollMost useless command in the world
??passGenerates a random 16 character password

Joke/Meme Commands

??amemeAnime Meme
??memeWell.... Memes?
??jokeDumbest Jokes on Earth!
??dadjokeDad Jokes
??momjokeMom Jokes
??knockjokeWho's There?
??pickupThe most cringiest pickup lines
??wiseAlways wear a bra at work!
??riddleWho has discord server and is going to add me? Probably not you
??roastRoast yourself before someone else does!
??breakupIt's me not you!..well it is actually you..

Fun Commands

Rate Commandswaifu, husbando, nekogirl, nekoboy, kitsunegirl, kitsuneboy, tsundere, girl, boy FreePrefix: ??rate
Rate Commandsplastic, god, helicopter, wolfgirl, wolfboy, bunnygirl, bunnyboy, lewd, trap PremiumPrefix: ??rate
Image CommandsCars: mpv, sedan, hatchback, suv, crossover, coupe FreePrefix: ??img
Image CommandsCars: convertable, wagon, luxury_car, hybrid, sports_car, diesel PremiumPrefix: ??img


??hug/??kiss/??slap/??wakeup/??attack/??spit/??pat/??kick/??lick/??sniff/??wink/??strong_bite??cuddle/??poke @mentionHugs/Kisses/Slaps/Wakes/Attacks/Spits/Kicks/Licks/Sniffs/Winks/Pats/Bites/cuddles The Mention User
??crying/??run/??escape/??sleep/wtf/??angry/??bye/??hide/??stayaway/??dab/??blush/??dunno/??bleh/??dodge/??evil_smile/??walk_away/??love/??embarrased/??catch/??scared/??worried/??sweat/??baka/??sad/??happyExpress your emotion!

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