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Akari is a discord game/economy bot!

Developer: FsU - MrDeadKingz#1596 

Prefix: !

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We are still new and would love to have suggestions, feedback and bug reports, we also will reward you for it! Join our support server!

We have lotteries, giveaways, many channels and roles for you to enjoy!

Commands To get a list of commands, type !help.

Here is a list of useful commands to get started:

!weekly - receive an Akari Epic Crate. Has a cooldown of 7 days.

!daily - receive a Akari Basic Crate.Has a cooldown of 24 hours.

!use [item-name] - use an item. You can type "!use Akari e" or "!use Akari b" to open the 2 crates you just recieved!

!inventory - View your inventory

!lottery - Buy a ticket for the hourly lottery!

!shop - Opens the store!

!buy [Item-Name] - Buys 1 of [item-name].