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I have Nothing to say but you will know yourself when you add it to your server.

Developer: Anuj#9630 

Prefix: ad!

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Features of AERO-DYNAMIC Bot

--Basic Commands Of Our Bot--

-Moderation commands
-Fun Commands
-Invites Manager Feature
-Easy and simple Commands
-Locks and Unlocks Channels
-Simple Logging
-Simple & Easy Welcomer
-Easy to setup Your Server Using Bot
-Sends random meme from reddit
-Role-Related Feature
-Basic info commands like serverinfo, userinfo, etc
-Rank Feature
-Search Feature
-GIF Feature
-Simple and easy Calculator Command-[do ad!calculatorhelp]
-Simple and easy Image commands

If You People Have Any Issues, Join Our Support Server And Don't Forget To Upvote Our Bot.