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Hello I'm Tanjiro bot, I was created with the intention of 😂 entertaining and 👮 moderating the discord servers

Developer: visao#0961 

Prefix: t! (or custom)

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Tanjiro Scary Dev's | English Only

- My commands are very simple, they can be seen through my WebSite or using my command t!help to access my list of commands :)

  • I'm always trying to update myself and add new commands to entertain my users

  • We currently have more than 112 commands available to be used

Command Categories 😲

  • Animals
  • Fun
  • Miscellaneous
  • Minecraft
  • Moderation
  • NSFW
  • Utility

Tanjiro Scary Dev's | Portuguese Only

  • Meus comandos são bem simples, eles podem ser vistos através do meu WebSite ou utilizando meu comando t!help para ter acesso a minha lista de comandos :)

  • Estou sempre tentando me atualizar e adicionar novos comandos para entreter meus usuários

  • Atualmente temos mais de 112 comandos disponiveis para serem usados

Categorias de Comandos 😲

  • Animais
  • Diversão
  • Diversos
  • Minecraft
  • Moderação
  • NSFW
  • Utilidades