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Rainbow Six Avatar

Rainbow Six

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A bot dedicated to giving new Rainbow Six: Siege players an easy way to learn weapons, operators, and maps

Developer: Ser Ames#0959 

Prefix: -

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Quick Start Guide

-help will take you to the main help menu

-operator will give you an overview of an operator

-weapon will give you the stats on a weapon

-opdetails will give you details stats of an operator and all of the weapons available to the operator

-map will give you an image of a map's specified floor

-strat will give you a random strat to follow for the round

-oprng will give you the specified number of random operators and randomised loadouts to play with

-rush will give you a random rercuit loadout for your team to play with


Rainbow Six is a bot dedicated to helping new and existing player research stats about operaters, weapons, and maps for Rainbow Six: Siege. -help will give you the main help menu, where you can find the commands list. -suggest will send a message with a suggestion, which could potentially be added to rainbow Six if I like it. -report will alert me of any bugs that pop up, if you do see any incorrect information or formatting or anything, PLEASE use this command! Rainbow Six will be updated with new balancing and DLC data as soon as possible. You can find a link to the public repo that I have made for this bot by using -info.