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Modboi is a multi-purpose bot created by FHGDev used for Music, Moderation, and more!

Developer: FHGDev#9997 

Prefix: m! (or custom)

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Modboi - The only moderator you'll ever need.

Tip: Modboi will not respond to the first command you run after it has restarted. This is due to database restrictions. When you run a command, you might need to run it again if the bot does not respond.


Modboi was a project I started working on in 2017 that I never finished. Recently, my best bot got hacked beyond repair (plus Discord banned the bot account), so I thought I'd revive this bot. So that is the story of Modboi.

Using this bot

So, you wanna use my bot, eh? Well first of all, there are a few steps to go through to do it.

Modboi's prefix is customizable, and you can use the setprefix command to change the prefix.


Step 1. Go to this page, and click the 'Add to server' button. > Also while you're there, please upvote the bot. It keeps me motivated to make more commands and features!

Step 2. The bot will DM you with a first-time acknowledgements once it joins your guild. You can customize the prefix how you like, and the bot will save it. Check out this list of commands (or run m!help) to see what all you can do.


FHGDev#0001 - for development of the source code

DiscordApp#0001 - for the awesome ubuntu vps that is hosting Modboi

Discord Boats - for listing and publicity.


Yeah, I'm kinda required to put these on here if I want to get Modboi certified, so here they are.

The name 'Modboi' and everything associated with this bot is owned by FHGDev#0001 and may not be duplicated or shared without my explicit permission. Modboi (c) 7/2/2019 FHGDev