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React to the message to get the role! Set up to 20 reactions per message! Customize your blacklisted roles!

Developer: Ṿersaria#0001 

Prefix: rr!

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The bot's instructions are written in Russian and English!

- Set any convenient prefix with command rr!prefix

  • Set the language to Russian or English with rr!language
  • To interact with commands, write rr!help
  • write a beautiful text on behalf of the bot with the rr!say command
  • Add one or more roles by reaction, write rr!addonerole or rr!addrole
  • Remove one or more roles by reaction, write rr!removeonereact or rr!removerole
  • Set the blacklist for undesired participants with the rr!editrole
  • You can recommend the bot to your friends using the rr!invite
  • Information about the bot rr!botinfo and the ping bot rr!ping
  • For bot support issues, go to the development server