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A multipurpose bot for Moderation and Fun

Developer:Β π•€Β π•’π•žΒ π”Έπ•ƒπ•€π”Όβ„•#1342Β 

Prefix: ?

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A bot with Fun, Moderation , Temporary Economy Commands Try it out and type ?help to get list of Commands

Some commands are :-

πŸ‘‰ ?ping :- Get Your currently delay in ms.

πŸ‘‰ ?rps {your-choice} :- Play Rock, Paper Scissors with bot

πŸ‘‰ ?kill {mention user} :- Kills the mentioned user(Just for fun)

πŸ‘‰ ?stealavatar {mention user} :- Show mentioned user's Avatar.

πŸ‘‰ ?members :- Shows the number of members in current Server

πŸ‘‰ ?botinfo :- Shows all Information about Bot

πŸ‘‰ ?invite :- Get a link to invite Bot to Your Server

πŸ‘‰ ?howfool :- Shows how fool You are (100% Real)

πŸ‘‰ ?howgay :- Shows how gay you are(100% Real)

πŸ‘‰ ?howluck :- Shows how lucky you are

πŸ‘‰ ?cat :- Show you a random cat meme

πŸ‘‰ ?dog :- Shows you a random dog meme

πŸ‘‰ ?meme :- Shows a Random meme

πŸ‘‰ ?asktrump :- Ask Trump any question you want

πŸ‘‰ ?wiki {anything you want to search} :- Search Wikipedia

πŸ‘‰ ?economy :- Play a temporary Economy Game

##Admins Only Commands##

πŸ‘‰ ?kick {mention} :- Kick the mentioned user

πŸ‘‰ ?warn {mention} :- Warns the Mentioned user

πŸ‘‰ ?ban {mention} :- Ban the mentioned user

πŸ‘‰ ?unban {username-with-tag} :- Unban the user

πŸ‘‰ ?clear X :- Delete last X Messages in current channel(upto 100)

Mute and Unmute Commands

Create Two roles named "Muter" and "Muted".Remove all permissions from Muted role except Reading text channel and see voice channels and move it below Admin role. Now for Muted role remove permission of sending messages to every channel in the server. It's done Now users with "Muter" Role can now Mute and Unmute users.

πŸ‘‰ ?mute {mention} :- Mute Mentioned user

πŸ‘‰ ?unmute {mention} :- Unmute mentioned user.