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This bot is made for a better announcement and a coupe other commands for server info and moderation

Developer: Ramenn#6969 

Prefix: ?

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This bot was made for getting a sleeker Design on your discord server and mainly for your announcements but there are a few
commands for moderation like clearing messages or info on your server
To use the command you need to type

?a (your announcement here) - The bot will auto delete your message and keep the main announcement the bot sends.

?NM - this is the same command but will not @ everyone

Don't worry this command will only work for people with a admin role or higher (This means there role MUST have administrator enabled in there role).

Reminder DO NOT use emojis while sending announcements it will NOT show up.

Bots messages coming in late? use the ?ping command to see the connection the bot has to the servers

?staffhelp - These commands are for admins only to keep control of your server

?invite - dms you a link to invite my bot to your server

                                                                      ***Staff commands***

This is not necessarily a moderation command but gives you info about user ,server etc.

?serverinfo - gives you info about server

?MyAvatar - sends a picture of your profile picture (I am working on adding a feature to see someone else's profile pic )

?clear (amount max 100) - delete's mass amounts of message's

?createtxt (Text channel name) - makes you a text channel automatically without you needing to go into settings

?creatvoice (Voice channel name) - makes you a Voice channel automatically without you needing to go into settings