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A discord bot with Fun,Moderation,Math,Anime commands

Developer: Apurbo#1760 

Prefix: !

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!kick @user - Kick Someone

!mute @user - Mute Someone (must have "Muted" role in your server)

!unmute - Unmute Someone (must have "Muted" role in your server)

!ban @user - Ban Someone

!clear (amount) - Clear messages (Maximum 99 messages at a time)

!warn @user (reason) - Warn someone

!createcolorrole rolename #hexcode yes yes - Creates a role with the hex code color.

!announce (message) - Announce something in your server

!set welcome (channel id) - Sets welcome message to the channel

!set leave (channel id) - Sets goodbye message to the channel


!rps rock/paper/scissors - Play rock paper scissors game with the bot

!mathgrade - Randomly tells your math grade

!rolldice - Roll a dice

!8ball (message) - QNA with bot

!joke - Tells you a random joke

!cat - Sends a random cat image

!dog - Sends a random dog image

!fox - Sends a random fox image

!meme - Sends a random meme image

!foodporn - Sends a random food image that makes your mouth water

!dance - Calculates how much minutes you will dance

!liedetect (message) - Detects if you're lying or you're honest

!kill @user - Kills mentioned user with a reason

!rep @user - Gives 1 reputation to the mentioned user

!checkreps @user - Checks how many reputation the mentioned user have

!imgsay (message) - Sends image with your text (maximum 10 spaces)


!math + number number - Adds the numbers

!math - number number - Subtracts the numbers

!math × number number - Multiples the numbers

!math ÷ number number - Divides the numbers


!hug @user - Hug mentioned user

!pat @user - Pat mentioned user

!slap @user - Slap mentioned user


!botowner - Check who is the owner

!ping - Ping the bot

!serverinfo - Gets the server info

!avatar @user - Sends the pfp of mentioned user

!google (message) - Search something on google

!vote - Vote the bot

!donate - Donate money to the bot owner