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Mythical is a bot that you can play around!

Developer: a cash#1710 

Prefix: m.

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Hey, it's me Mythical you know me as Jibbo Bot or the old Mythical Bot.

I have some secret, cool, fun and moderation commands. Hope you like me.

Here are my commands say to see my help page

Moderation Commands moderation

kick - Kicks a mentioned user

ban - Bans a mentioned user

purge - Purges amount of message(s)

warn - Warns a mentioned member

warnings - Shows a mentioned user their warnings

setwarns - Set warns for a mentioned user

warnlog - Sets a warn log channel

Fun Commands fun

fly - Shows you how many minutes you have been flying for

dance - Shows you how many minutes you have been dancing for

grade - SHows you how much you've got on a grade

dadjoke - Sends you a dad joke

tiny - Makes text small

flip - It will flip a text

jail - Jails a user

rps - Play against another user with rock paper scicorss

catfact - Sends you a cat fact

woof - Sends a random dog picture

meow - Sends a random cat picture

Useful Commands useful

serverinfo - Tells you the server info

userinfo - Tells you the mentioned user info

avatar - Sends you your avatar or a mentioned user avatar

serveravatar - Sends you the server avatar

bitcoin - Shows the price conversion (Current prices are USD, GPB and EUR)

Bot Info Commands info

botinfo - Gives you the bot information

version - Gives you the current version of the bot

donate - Sends you the donation link to donate (it would help us if you donate)

botav - Sends you the bot avatar

invite - Gives you an invite link to invite the bot