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A bot that's not meant to be used professionally.

Developer: Keanu#2871 

Prefix: .



Travbot is a Discord bot that has a small amount of uses. It was created as a joke, but ended up actually being worked on. The status page is located here.


The prefix for the bot is: .

.help You can get additional command info with: .help

emote Sends the provided emote: .emote

react Reacts to your message with the provided emote: .react

serverinfo Gives you info about a server.

roll Rolls the bot.

ok Gives you a random "ok" message.

play Plays provided YouTube link. (You need to be in a voice channel!)

pause Pauses the current song.

resume Resumes the current song.

stop Stops the current song.

nowplaying Tells you the song that is currently playing.

queue Shows you the current queue.

say Repeats your message.

ravi 1 to 9 Shows you an image of someone eating ravioli.

code Gives you the GitHub link.


  1. Download or clone the repo.
  2. Open the directory.
  3. Run npm install (if it refuses to install, please submit an issue.)
  4. Run node start