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All-in-one bot with a ticket system, music player, levels, economy, moderation commands and more...

Developer: Freekill#0001 

Prefix: -

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## The Rapture bot is an All-In-One bot for moderation, ticket system, music, fun, economy, levels,...

The Default prefix is "-"


  • 99.99% Up time, 24/7/365
  • Music - High performance and quality music streaming backed by serious hardware.
  • Tickets - A ticket system with transcripts for the creator and the admins.
  • Moderation - ban, kick, mute, unmute, warn, clear.
  • Economy - A small economy where you can earn daily points together with gambling.
  • Games - Gamble away your points with games (or win)
  • Fun - Some fun stuff like avatar, cat, dog, joke,...


The bot prefix is -
-help Show all commands a normal user can use
-helpadmin Show all commands an admin can use

Global Commands:


-serverinfo Show info about the current server
-botinfo Show info about the bot


-ticket Open a new ticket
-close Close the ticket (can only be used inside a ticket)


-dailyGet your daily amount of random points
-balance Check your current balance
-withdraw Withdraw points
-deposit Deposit points
-slots Play a game of slots
-gamble Play a game of heads/tails


-level Show your current level


-avatar Show the avatar of yourself or somebody else enlarged
-meme Show a random meme
-cat Show a random cat
-dog Show a random dog
-joke Show a random joke
-whois Show information about yourself or somebody else


-connect Connects the bot to your voice channel
-play Play a song by name or via YouTube URL
-pause Pause the current song
-resume Resume the last paused song
-skip Skip the current song
-queue Show the queue of songs
-volume Change the volume of the music for the entire voice channel
-stop Stop all music and disconnect the bot from the voice channel
Side note: Most music features can also be controlled with emojis underneath the currently playing song in Discord

Admin Commands:


-ban Ban a user
-kick Kick a user
-mute Mute a user for a specific amount of time
-unmute Unmute a user
-warn Warn a user
-clear Clear an amount of message
-clear_queue Clears the music queue

Ticket System

-adduser Add a user inside a ticket
-removeuser Remove a user inside a ticket

Server Setup (first time only):

Optional setup commands

-setprefix Set up a new prefix (optional)
-welcomechannel Set up the welcome channel (optional)

Permission commands

-moderationrole Set up the moderation role which can do all moderation commands
-supportrole Set up the support role which can do all ticket commands
Side note: Preferably the moderationrole and supportrole are the same Discord roles.

Ticket System

-ticketcategory Set the category where new tickets will be created in
-ticketchannel Set the channel where the -ticket command can be used
-transcriptchannel Set the channel where the transcripts logs will be saved in
-ticketmessage Set the ticket message which will be shown in every new ticket ({user} to tag the ticket creator, {p} to show the prefix)


-setup_mute Set up the mute role for the mute command
-setup_level Set up the level system

Reset Server Setup

-reset_setup Reset the entire setup progress and start over