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Orion is a multi-purpose discord bot with a lot of features! We have commands for Utilities, Moderation, Accounts, Games

Developer: Ryzux#0387 

Prefix: o!

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Orion is an awesome multipurpose bot packed with tons of commands for Utilities, Moderation, Accounts, Games, Fun, Music and more!


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Most of Orion's commands at the moment are: (Will be adding more commands thought the days)


  • o!help - Show Orion's commands.
  • o!info - Show Orion's info.
  • o!invite - Show Orion's invite link.
  • o!ping - Show your current latency against Orion.
  • o!server - Show the Server's information.
  • o!support - Shows Orion's Support Server invite link.
  • o!vote - Show Orion's vote links.


  • o!ban (user) - Bans the mentioned user.
  • o!unban (user) - Unbans the mentioned user.
  • o!kick (user) - Kicks the mentioned user.
  • o!mute (user) - Mutes the mentioned user in that channel.
  • o!unmute (user) - Unmutes the mentioned user in that channel.
  • o!purge - Delete the las 100 messages in that channel.


  • o!balance - Show your points in the current server.
  • o!transfer (user) (amount) - Transfer the specified amount of points to the specified user in the current server.
  • o!farm - Receive 100 points. This command can only be used once every 2 hours.
  • o!top - Shows the top 10 users in the current server.


  • o!higherlower - Try to guess a number.
  • o!coinflip (heads/tails) - Guess the side of the coin and win points.
  • o!gamble (amount) (number) - Guess a number from 2 to 12.


  • o!img (tag) - Gets an image related to your tag. (Will not send NSFW content.)
  • o!nsfw (tag) - Gets a NSFW gif related to your tag. (Only sends if the channel is NSFW.)
  • o!hug (user) - Sends a hug image to the mentioned user.
  • o!kill (user) - Kills the mentioned user.
  • o!8ball (question) - Answers a Yes/No question.
  • o!roulette - If member gets shot, he gets muted for 5 mins.


  • o!play (song) - Plays the song specified.
  • o!pause - Pauses the current song.
  • o!resume - Resumes the current song.
  • o!skip - Skips the current song.
  • o!queue - See the songs queued.
  • o!playing - Gets information from the current song.
  • o!volume (value) - Sets the volume to the specified value, from 1 to 100.
  • o!stop - Stops playing music.

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