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Most complete and updated bot for mobile game Azur Lane

Developer: KirisakiKyoko#1644 

Prefix: a.

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Important : Make sure you grant permissions it needs to function properly! Always check bot status to see latest update or you can join Agano support server.

Usage :

  • a.help : display help command
  • a.info (ship name) : display ship information
  • a.infor (ship name) : display retrofit ship information
  • a.art (ship name) : display ship skins
  • a.skill (ship name) : display ship skills
  • a.barrage (ship name) : display ship barrage information
  • a.pr (ship name) : display research ship requirement information
  • a.class (class name) : search ship within same class
  • a.time (hh:mm:ss) : search ship within same construction time
  • a.map (x-x) : display story map information
  • a.emap (event name) : display event map information
  • a.gear (gear name) : Search gear information
  • a.compare =(ship name1) =(ship name2) : Compare stats between 2 ships
  • a.bot : display bot information, support server, invite link, vote link, wiki link, etc.
  • a.server : display your server information
  • a.report (your message) : Report any error, bug, typo, etc
Some example usage (with picture) :
  • a.compare
  • a.infor
  • a.barrage
  • a.time
Special thanks to :