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Get unique server counter stats with multipurpose commands, basic moderation and usefull data commands.

Developers: Deleted User 93df03#0001 legacy#8544

Prefix: xh? and customizable

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Our bot is in +150 servers.

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High uptime host - 99,9% uptime

Unique server count commands - https://xetaah.xyz/commands

Customizable Commands - https://xetaah.xyz/commands

Xetaah is a simple moderation bot, but with economy commands for keep users enterteined. For show help menu command do xh?help and then it will show the message.

The bot has the continue features:

Moderation It has simple moderation commands, per exemple (clear all, ban, etc..) and some commands, before use them remember bot has the permissions to run the commands. For see all the moderation commands and more specificated do xh?commands and then bot will show the list of commands and what means each command.

Counters Bot has usefull counters commands as (server, users, channels) this are the most used commands from the bot, but there are more and better commands, do xh?commands for see all the counter commands or check our official website.

Data > same as userinfo but with more speific information, and not against ToS This feature is for see some specific information, and some of the commands are usefull for specific stuff as (serverdata) a command that will show some server data, remember users can remove this with xh?disable data. But that's not all, it has more commands like (website) that will show in a command the official bot website data, and (userdata) this is for premium users and for use it users must enable it or it won't work.

  • When a user enable a data command is agree with our Terms of Service -