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DiscordRep.com is a free cross-server reputation & experience platform, upvote beloved ones, downvote bad people.

Developers: leny32#7935 Janel#1437

Prefix: = {customizable}

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DiscordRep is a free cross-platfrom reputation and experience platform designed to be easy to use. Climb the global leaderboard. Give reputation points, good and bad.

=help Bot Info =commands Bot Commands =invite Sends bot link
=profile [none/mention/userid] Show DiscordRep profile =upvote [mention/userid] Give +rep =downvote [mention/userid] Give -rep =setbio [content] Set your bio to anything
=prefix [new prefix] Customizable prefix
Features & Specials
Easy to use A simplistic use of reputation Integration Use our API and retrieve any info for your own bot Website We have a good looking website, begin using it!
29-09-2019 Customizable Prefix added 30-09-2019 Verified badge when upvoting