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Tiger ßot Avatar

Tiger ßot

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A new bot that aims to delight and serve the users with many features and almost daily updates

Developers: mohamedamine#4166 SaminossGamerᵀᴾᴳ#1579

Prefix: %

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Welcome to Unknown Bot!
GitHub Logo A new bot that aims to delight and serve the users with many features and * daily updates.

Website : http://tiger-bot.ga


this is just a preview from out second bot Discord Bots Discord BotsDiscord BotsDiscord Bots


Get all commands


  • !ping

  • !avatar or !avatar @user

  • !leaderboard / !leaderboard invites

  • !cc-list

  • !emojis

  • !invites

  • !myroles / !myroles @user

  • !rooms

  • !profile / !profile @user

  • !server

  • !rank / !rank @user

  • !user / !user @user

  • !report @user {reason}


  • !ban [@user/ID] {Reason}

  • !kick [@user/ID] {Reason}

  • !addemoji [emoji ID]

  • !cc-create [custom_command] {reply}

  • !cc-delete [custom_command_name]

  • !clear <1/100>

  • !nuke

  • !warn @user {reason}

  • !rwarn @user [warn number]

  • !clearwarns @user

  • !disable-command {name}

  • !enable-command {name}

  • !filter

  • !modlog <#channel>


    Get all feutures

Name Description Version
#1 Protection* Antiraid , Antifakes, Antispam... v:2.1
#2 Welcome Custom message & image v:1.0
#3 Chatbot Funny auto response v:1.3
#4 Automemes Auto send memes from reddit to specified channel v:1.3

*Bot need administration permission to operate efficiently on protection!

  • Check the second bot here! Discord Bots

    Other feutures: