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Created for a professional user reputation system, has 6 differnet languages ​​and premium status! The bot works 24/7!

Developer: MrVaDiM4iK#0232 

Prefix: r! / r1 / @Mention

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Rune Bot


The bot has 6 different languages: Russian, Deutsch, English, French, Ukrainian and Spanish.

Made for the convenience of all users!

  • You can up and down the reputation of users!
  • You can see the top users who give a reputation!

Its configuration can be customized! The following settings are present: Protection against invites, Protection against obscene words, changing the prefix! P.S. If you forgot the bot prefix, then it has 2 more standard ones: rune!, @ Mention

There is a premium status that gives some bonuses, but does not completely affect those who do not have them, so you can be on a par with premium users!

Invite my bot and help him develop!

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