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Sparky Is Designed For Moderation , Giveaway , TTS And Other Features Too...

Developers: Flame#5923 lonelyᴰᵉᵛ#8004

Prefix: .s

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.shelp - This message!
.sdonate - Help Sparky
.smodhelp - Commands for admins and mods .sgiveawayhelp - Giveaway Commands. .sttshelp - TTS Commands. .sping - How much ms? .sinfo - Give you info about the bot .sinvite - Invite the bot .sserver - Join Sparky's server .suserinfo - Mention user for info .sav - Get user's avatar .sstats - Bot's stats .sserverinfo - See server stats .scoinflip - Flips a coin! .squote - Quotes by people .snotice - I'll hug you .sroll - Rolls a random number! .sdog - Sends a picture of dog! .sanime - Sends a anime pic .scaps - Random caps .sadvice - Gives you an advice .stell - Tell me what to say. .scalc - Math questions calculator.