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Helper.gg is a sharded and whitelabeled ticket bot, aimed to make supporting your clients and users with efficient

Developer: Ardor#1234 

Prefix: -

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Helper.gg main command is “-help” when you first add the bot.

This list is the FREE features which you have access to without PREMIUM.

-ticket command -rename command -remove command -add command -help command -close command Change help command variable Change successfully removed & added message Change support roles (and change roles permissions) Change bot prefix Limit ticket creation channel (where -ticket can be ran) Enable/disable @ everyone on ticket creation Ability to have staff accounts on panel Ability to change what staff can do on panel Fully featured Web Panel Respond to tickets via panel Complete ticket logs via panel Multilingual support Instant setup, with preset messages Chat Reactions Change Chat Reactions emojis Helper.gg PREMIUM Features

-status command -translate command -close (time - m,h,d) command Change all command variables Change all error, success, denied, and other messages Additional text on ticket creation ability Enable/disable timed close Change embed colour Change ticket reason message Enable/disable non staff closing ticket Change playing status (surpreme only) Enable/disable close confirm Change ticket creation limit Change ticket naming convention Discord Premium Role Customise Chat Reactions message