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A gotcha bot made for catching loomians from loomian legacy allowing you to catch them all!

Developer: Kingschool9#9565 

Prefix: |

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Loomicord is a casual similar remaking of pokecord but also featuring mechs that are completely different and unique. Instead of pokemon spawns, the bot spawns loomians from the game Loomian Legacy! catch all your favorite loomians and level them up! Find them all and show them all with loomicord! If you have any questions please contact me kingschool9#4334 at the support server! Enjoy the journey trainer! Note that server wide prefix changing and chance changing are prohibited as there is no database for server wide storage. If you fell like the current spawn and prefix are unusable in some way please contact me. If you would like a refund of a boost token after finding the bot incapable of something you can DM me for more info. If you feel like your you deserve an un black list for your server, please contact me. users who invite the for free are true loomian legends.


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