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Role & Channel Protection, Verification, Anti Ban & Kick, Bot Logs, Advanced Nuke & Raid Protection

Developer: Sina#1197 

Prefix: s!

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A powerful Discord bot with focus on Moderation, Protection, Server Security and more!
The administration works very hard to bring you the best of a Discord bot

Security's protection system will be able to prevent any nuke threats The bot will limit some actions:

  • banning members.
  • kicking members.
  • pinging @everyone, @here and other selected roles.
  • deleting/creating roles.
  • deleting/creating channels.
  • adding raiding bots to your server.
  • giving administrative permission to public roles.
  • ghost pinging users and roles.

When someone reaches the minimum number of an action, the bot will DM the owner of the server, and tells that what happened, and when the user reaches the maximum number of the action, the bot will punish the user, you can change the punishment using s!punishment <type>, available punishment types are: kick, ban, remove role

Security settings can be customized, so we will give you the recommended settings that can protect your server:
s!anti ban 2 5
s!anti kick 3 7
s!anti role-create 1 3
s!anti role-delete 1 3
s!anti channel-create 1 3
s!anti channel-delete 1 3
s!anti mention 5 10
s!punishment remove role
The first number is minimum, and the second number is maximum.
Moderation Commands

In Security, there are some moderation commands, which makes your tasks easier, here is the commands:

s!ban: you can ban a member or multiple members using this command.

s!kick: you can kick a member or multiple members using this command.

s!lock: Locks the current or the selected text channels.

s!lockall: Locks all the text channels on your server.

s!unlock: Unlocks the current or the selected text channels.


Whitelist system has been updated, from now you can add users, roles and channels to whitelist, for more information type s!whitelist

Anti Authorize

Anti Authorize is a feature that monitors on role updates and prevent others from giving administrative permissions to @everyone role and other public roles.

Public Roles

To make anti authorize monitor roles, you have to add them into public roles list, usage:


s!publicroles add @Role

s!publicroles remove @Role

Premium Version

Security has a premium version which gives you some more features and faster performance, for more info type s!premium