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Corona-chan is a bot that working in the anime version. It has exclusives COSPLAY command

Developers: Makoto-kun#4120 Shiroo#2293

Prefix: !hps

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We are having a big community about anime + manga + cosplay (it's not related to our bot but we hope you will support this server, we are also supporting you here not only the support server)

Link: https://discord.gg/7q9s4MTzvB

What makes corona-chan special?

Corona is the ONLY bot that has a lot of cosplays command on discord.boats

Also, we have votes kick+ban command with a lot of different time options to choice

We are trying to make bot version 3.0 (2022) with making this bot is the ONLY bot on discord.boats have 100% anime version feature


+We have a free plan to promote to all cosplayer that needs us to help

+We are currently supporting.... (the cosplayer info will be here soon)




Number Command name Function Status
1 !hpscoronavirus + countryname (space) Show by the 'countryname' you want to show stats Enable
2 !hpscoronacontinentstat Show all continents stat Enable
2.69 !hpscoronaglobalstat Show world stats Enable
3 !hpscvp1 Show country from rank (1-30) Special CMD check it first =) Enable
4 !hpscvp2 Show country from rank (31-60) Enable
5 !hpscvp3 Show country from rank (61-90) Enable
6 !hpscvp4 Show country from rank (91-120) Enable
7 !hpscvp5 Show country from rank (121-150) Enable
8 !hpscvp6 Show country from rank (151-180) Enable
9 !hpscvp7 Show country from rank (181-210) Enable
10 !hpsabout Shows Coronavirus Symptoms (COVID-19) Enable


Type of commands Command name Function Status
●Stats !hpspingcheck, !hpslistservers ,!hpsinfo,!hpscodeline,!hpsramcheck,!hpsgraph (use 1 of 4 options graphshards, graphservers, graphvotes, graphtotalvotes Show all bot stats wtih 5 commands All Enable
●Support !hpshelp,!hpsreport,!hpsvote,!hpsinvite,!hpssupportserver All support commands All Enable
●Premium+ad !hpspre,!hpsad PM Makoto-kun#4120 All Enable
●Extra !hpsplan,!hpsnoti,!hpssay Show my plan + noti for nothing =) All Enable
●Anime G1 !hpsrandomanime,!hpsramdommanga Random Anime+Manga All Enable
●Anime G2 !hpsanime, !hpsanimememe, !hpsanimepicture, !hpsmanga,!hpsschedule,!hpsgenre Search any Anime+Manga you want All Enable
●... !hpsneko,!hpsecchi,!hpshentai,!hpscosplaylewd ... All Enable
●Mod G1 !hpsmute,!hpsunmute,!hpskick,!hpspurge,!hpsban (optional: !hpsbanoutside) Do the action+PM user get muted,... All Enable
●Mod G2 !hpsunban,!hpsaddrole,!hpsremoverole,!hpswarn Like G1 All Enable
●Special !hpscosplay, !hpscosplaynormal Greatful commands All Enable
!hpscosplaycommunity,!hpscosplayqueenlist, !hpscosplaykinglist Greatful commands All Enable
●Time mod !hpsvotekickquick,!hpsvotekickmedium Moderation by time commands All Enable
!hpsvotekicklong,!hpsvotebanquick Moderation by time commands All Enable
!hpsvotebanmedium,!hpsvotebanlong Moderation by time commands All Enable
●Music We will comeback soon XD Require a music channel Developing


●What can corona-chan can do?

+Corona-chan can help you update the latest news about corona situation in each country

+Corona-chan can help you relex and feel fun also interseting with anime+manga command,music,moderation,...

●What can premium can do?

+Premium can automatically update the stat of country/continent or world you choose (max 5) in a channel in your server 1 time/hour

●Where can you buy premium?

+You can buy premium by clicked here

●How can i active my premium command after donate on patreon?

+After purchase you can PM Makoto-kun#4120 (me), Shiroo#2293 my sister also co-owner of this bot to active your premium command (require channel ID, server ID)

●How can I add corona-chan XD?

+You can add corona-chan by clicked here XD or use discord.boats invite bottom

●Who are us?

+We are humans who love to play war games. Honestly if you have any war games please invite us to play you, we don't mind

●Which war game do we play?

+Rival Regions

+Terra Dominium

+World Leaders

●Can you show your all info to user?

Social platform Info
Discord name and ID Makoto-kun#4120 (485277325328384000)
Shiroo#2293 (523877466486472714)
Personal facebook You can add my facebook by clicked here (Makoto's facebook)
Corona-chan (on discord.boats) You can go to the link directly by clicked here
Discord server You can go to our discord server directly by clicked here
Facebook group You can go to our facebook group directly by clicked here
Facebook page You can go to our facebook page directly by clicked here
Youtube You can go to our youtube channel directly by clicked here
Patreon You can go to our patreon directly by clicked here