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GhostBuster is a bot that detects ghostpings, reports that in a specific channel and dms the user (if enabled).

Developer: Meex#5640 

Prefix: $ [customizable]


GhostBuster is a bot created to detect ghostpings.

Once someone GhostPings a user, it will dm the ghost-pinged user and report the ghostping in an administrator assigned channel.

Useful Commands:
$help - This command shows the standard help embed.
$prefix [prefix] - This changes the standard prefix (if no prefix is provided it will reset to standard $).
$setup or $channel [channel] - This command sets the channel where the bot reports ghostpings (Tag the channel or provide the id).
$ignore [add/remove/list/reset] - With this command you can add prefixes the bot will ignore, (It only ignores people with the permission MANAGE_MESSAGES).
$special - Toggles [special] commands.
$dm - Toggles GhostBuster dming users about ghost pings.

Fun Commands:
$8ball [sentence] - The Magic 8 Ball has answers to all the questions.The Magic 8 Ball has answers to all the questions.
$iq [user] - See what your or someone else's IQ is.
$love [user] [user] - Check your love! (This is randomly generated).
$kill [user] - Kill someone.
$years [sentence] - Years until.
$versus or $vs [user] [user] - See which user wins the battle! (This is randomly generated).

Special Commands: (Default off, turn on by typing $special)
$pp [user] - See how big someone's pp is.
$gay [user] - See how gay someone is.
$bitch [user] - See how much of a bitch someone is.
$spank [user] - Spank someone.