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Roblox Group Management, Roblox To Discord, Verification, Scammer List, Ranking Center, Application Center, Moderation

Developer: SirYeet#4221 

Prefix: .

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Our website is NOT http://bloxcord.com!You will only see services from us on https://gamerpro.me!

Pop our API in your roblox cafe/game, and you can rank people, set a group shout, and kick people just from the game! Got someone banned on your discord? don't let them join your roblox game!
This is an advanced roblox management bot. It can verify users with multiple accounts and acquire group roles, nicknames, automatic verification, verification only access, and much more! Roblox Verification, Group Ranking, Group Shouts, Warnings, Fun, Roblox Clothing aswell.
This bot works in a way that no other bot works. By this I mean, trust matters. If you have two moderators, and one is kinda the server clown, you really don't want to trust them with all that much but, with BloxCord, 'Level' roles control how much permission each person gets. Currently, this bot is under development, but more customization features will be coming.

This bot also has moderation commands. Like most other bots, this bot is good with moderation users who decide to break rules in your server.
We have fun image commands, too. They're pretty cool and fun to troll people with.
Roblox Related Commands that stand out
.rbx.help - Returns information [this]
.rbx.api - Sends you the github docs
.rbx.api.data - Manage dataserver data
.rbx.tax - See how much robux you get after tax
.rbx.login - Login to roblox [see .rbx.apihelp]
.rbx.botinfo - Sees if your cookie is active
.rbx.setrank - Sets a user's rank.
.rbx.bind - Give an extra role when a user has a specific role
.rbx.rbind - Give an extra role to those who have a higher rank than the one specified
.rbx.binds - Get a list of all roblox binds.
.rbx.rbinds - Get a list of all roblox rbinds.
.rbx.delbind - Delete a roblox bind.
.rbx.delrbind - Delete a roblox rbind.
.rbx.kick - Kick someone out of the group
.rbx.checkrole - Check someone's role in the group
.rbx.promote - Promote someone in the group
.rbx.demote - Demote someone in the group
.rbx.genroles - Generate all group roles into the discord server
.rbx.roles - Show all group roles
.rbx.shout - Set the group shout
.rbx.joinrequests - Get a list of join requests
.rbx.ajr - Accept a join request
.rbx.djr - Decline a join request
.rbx.payout - Payout robux to a user
.rbx.balance - Balance of robux in the group
.rbx.download - Download clothing

Want more people to be able to payout robux? Just login as yourself and give people permission!
Don't like a command? Just use .edit commandname 11, which will basically protect it from being ran by anyone since the highest permission level is 10!

Update 1: We're growing really fast! Thank you all.

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