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Radio X

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A Discord music/general bot that plays live streams, radio, YouTube music/streams, image manipulations and much more

Developer: AnukFD#0617 

Prefix: r! (customable)

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A discord music/general bot that plays music in your server/servers.

Getting Started

No setup is needed for the bot. All you need to have is a voice channel and a text channel for the command. If you need more help r!help for the full list of help commands.

Premium Benefits

Having premium will allow you to have full control over volume, the use of YouTube streams, Iheart radion stream feature and many more ...

Bot Commands

This is a list of some commands, to see the full version just type r!help on Discord.

Commands Information Free Premium
help View a list of available commands
premium View premium benefits
stats View the bot's stats
prefix View and update your prefix
upvote Vote for this bot to get a cooldown reduction
play Play a radio stream
stream Ability to stream any audio link
youtube Search YouTube and play YouTube music
volume Set voice channel volume
iheart Search for an iHeart radio station