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A Music bot guaranteed to Funk up your server!

Developers: Lag01#8409 CSH-Woomy#3439

Prefix: b# ( Customisable )

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Beats is a Discord music bot coded in JavaScript which uses the package Discord.js to interact with Discord's API

Having problems with Beats?, Get help in the official server today! Invite Beats to your server to not miss the fun!

Prefix: b# (customisable with b#prefix)

  • Commands

To get info about a specific command use b#help command which command is the command you would like to get additional info about and b# is the prefix ( It will be different if you have changed it )


  • Websites
  1. Beats Website (coming soon)
  2. Discord.boats
  3. Discordbotlist
  • Vote rewards
  1. Access to the volume command b#volume
  2. Access to the lyrics command b#lyrics

More coming...

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