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Alts Terminator Avatar

Alts Terminator

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This bot will protect your server from alts AKA alternative/fake accounts by banning/kicking them (Configurable).

Developer: Eleven#4666 

Prefix: $

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Alts Terminator is the best bot to protect your server from unwanted members such as alts and fake accounts.

Alts Terminator commands and usages are listed below.

Normal Commands

  • $Afk <Message>: Sets An AFK Status For You, With A Message
  • $Botinfo: Shows Info About The Bot
  • $Invite: Sends The Bot Invite Link To Invite To Your Server

Configuration Commands

  • $Setchannel <#channel>: Configures The Channel For The Bot Logs (Kicking/Banning)
  • $Setdays <Number>: Configures The Amount Of Days Needed For The Alts To Be Older Than
  • $Setaction <Kick/Ban>: Configures The Action For The Detected Alts

Admin Commands

  • $Settings: Shows The Server Settings For The Bot
  • $Resetsettings: Resets The Server Settings For The Bot
  • $Toggle: Toggles Alts Terminator Status To Off/On For The Server

Premium Commands

  • $Bannedalts: Sends A List With The Banned Alts By The Bot
  • $Bypass <User ID>: Allows A User To Join While The Alts Terminator Is On
  • $Disallow <User ID>: Removes A User From The Bypass System
  • $Allowed: Sends A List With IDs & Tags Of The Users Allowed In The Bypass System
  • $Showalts: Sends A List With Alts In The Server Younger Than The Given/Set Days
  • $Nopfp: Sends A List With Members That Don't Have An Avatar
<..> Means "Required" / Means "Or".
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