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A Simple Bot created using discord.js and hosted 24/7 on glitch with many commands like kick,ban,kill,flip etc ... and w

Developer: Shadow.#0022 

Prefix: ??

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A Multi-purpose with many commands and more being added . This bot is a simple and but powerful and easy bot to use . All problems concerned with the bot is clear in our support server. Here!!



  • 8ball: Ask the bot something
  • flip: Flip a coins completely random
  • avatar: Gives your/mentioned users avatar
  • say: Send a message using the bot
  • embed: Send a message in embed
  • ping: Gives you the ping
  • meme: Generates a meme for you
  • kill: A commands to play with your friends
  • reverse: Sends u the message in reverse format reverse
  • joke: Sends a random joke


  • userinfo: Gives the major info about the user
  • serverinfo: Gives the server info
  • stats: Send you the servercount in which the bot is in and total membercount
  • invite: Send you the invite link to the support server and bot
  • whois : Mention someone to get the information about the use
  • dm : send a user in dms dm
  • ytsearch : Search some vid in youtube
  • roleinfo : Find out the information fo the role roleinfo (dontping)


  • ban: Permanent ban using this command
  • kick: Kick mentioned user using this command
  • clear: Delete tye maximum number of message possible at one time
  • purge: Delete messages upto 99 purge
  • warn: Warn someone with the bot
  • mute: Mutes an user
  • unmute: Unmutes an muted user
  • setnick: Change a users nickanme

Important Notice

  • This bot deletes all invite link unless u have manage message permission
  • The Bots the prefix maybe changed so if the bot won't react to your command ping the bot and check the prefix
  • The bot maybe down for maintenance during some time all these information will be announced in our support server
  • All bugs and problem should be reported in the support server so we can quickly act on it Important
  • New commands will be added to help command
  • Mute role should be manually made for the usage of the mute command