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RCO - Roblox Case Opener Avatar

RCO - Roblox Case Opener

Online21 Votes614 Servers


A roblox item case opener bot

Developers: VAL#0001 SUPERCHIEFYT#0001

Prefix: C!

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RCO - Roblox Case Opener!

RCO is a Roblox Case Opener bot that makes use the Roblox API
There are 10 cases containing 200 items each.

  • Open cases, Obtain items and manage profit over budget.
    Will you play to collect every item or will you play to compete on our global leaderbaord and become the richest, Most rebirthed player? Choose your play style!

  • Hatch pets, from common to legendary to boost item sale price and grab that edge over your competition!

  • Rebirth once you hit your wall to upgrade both case discount and inventory size!

Use c!help to view all the commands and feel free to join the support server to suggest new features or talk with others that enjoy the bot!

We love hearing your feedback and suggestions and we are always updating!