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Short Answer Bot

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Co-ordinate game squads, powerful autorole, twitch integration, music (with spotify) support and more!

Developer: The Last Spark#7586 

Prefix: sa!

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Tired of pinging/DMing your friends one by one every time you want to see who's down to play a game? Or trying to get a group for a game going, or remembering who plays what games?
Well now you can create game groups, join, leave with a single command:
Short Video Demo of the Squad/Queue System

the ping commandt

Do you like to listen to music? Now you can share both youtube and Spotify songs/playlists through Short Answer Bot. It has further support for creating, importing and saving playlists so you don't have to open your browser to quickly play your favourite songs.

Simply type sa!play for a single song or sa!playList for your own playlist and it'll handle the rest. Emoji and Command controlled music player

There's a bunch of other commands (100+) ranging from quality of life such as server and user-specific custom prefixes to alarm clocks, userShaking, server/user-specific stats and more!

Not to mention it's the most user-friendliest bot that will automatically try help you with suggestions - misspelt a command, a game? No problem, it will provide a few best guesses so you don't have to retype the whole thing again: The power of suggestions!

There's also Twitch integration for DM and channel-based alerts when someone goes live!

Oh and a stupid simple autorole generator with powerful options such as

1) Unique: Only 1 reaction per user
2) Static: Prevents other reactions
3) Permenant: Limits a user to a single reaction for the message. They will not be able to change their mind.
And if they remove the reaction, the role will be removed from them as well (unless permenant was enabled)

Still curious but unsure? You can reach out to me in the support server: https://discord.gg/nMj6UKH