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Trenite feature all the basic moderation tools and adds essential features like a music-player and a support-system.

Developer: Trenite 1#3661 

Prefix: ! (customisable)

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prefix,prefix , : Shows or sets the command prefix. If no prefix is provided, the current prefix will be shown. If the prefix is 'default', the prefix will be reset to the bot's default prefix. If the prefix is 'none', the prefix will be removed entirely, only allowing mentions to run commands. Only administrators may change the prefix.,Zeigt oder setzt den Botprefix. Wenn du keinen prefix angibst, dann wird der aktuelle prefix angezeigt. Wenn du 'default' als prefix wählst, wird der Botprefix zurück gesetzt. Wenn du 'none' als prefix wählst, wird der Botprefix komplett entfernt und du kannst Commands nur noch mit Erwähnungen benutzen. Nur Administrator können den prefix ändern. ping : Checks the bot's ping to the Discord server. eval : Executes JavaScript code. reload reload-command, reloadcommand, reload command: Reloads a command or command group. music,musik play, abspielen,spielab: Creates a Music Player,Damit kann man Musik hören tts,sage , : Says text in a voice channel,Sagt text in einem Sprachkanal voicechannel,kanalgenerator autovoicechannel,generatevoicechannel,generatechannel,autochannel,join-to-create,join2create,jointocreate, sprachkanal-generator,kanal-generator,beitreten-zum-erstellen, autovoicechannel,generatevoicechannel,generatechannel,autochannel,join to create,join2create,jointocreate, sprachkanal generator,kanal generator,beitreten zum erstellen: Automatically generates a custom user voice channel, if the user joins a specific auto voicechannel,Erstellt automatisch einen eigenen Sprachkanal, wenn ein Nutzer einen speziellen Kanal beitritt about,über developer, überuns,über-uns, überuns,über uns: Info about the bot,Info über den Bot und die Entwickler changelogs change-log, change-list, changelist, list-changes, listchanges, changelog, changelist, listchanges, change log, change list, list changes: Sends the latest changelogs of the bot custombot,bot-erstellen custom-bot,newbot,new-bot,mybot,my-bot,requestbot,request-bot,byob,byob-bot,byobbot,copy-bot,copybot, boterstellen,erstelle-bot,eigener-bot,eigenerbot,bot-kopieren,kopiere-bot,botkopierem, custom bot,newbot,new bot,mybot,my bot,requestbot,request bot,byob,byob bot,byobbot,copy bot,copybot, boterstellen,erstelle bot,eigener bot,eigenerbot,bot kopieren,kopiere bot,botkopierem: Creates you custom copy of the bot, with your profile picture and name,Erstellt eine eigene Kopie vom Bot, mit eigenem Profilbild und Namen dashboard website: Sends the dashboard link for this bot deletebot,bot-löschen removebot,requestdelete,requestdeletion,stop, stop: Deletes your custombot,Löscht deinen eigene bot feedback,feedback bug,bugreport,feature,feature-request,request-feature,featurerequest,requestfeature, fehlermelden,fehler-melden,melde-fehler,meldefehler,fehler,verbesserungsvorschlag,verbesserungsvorschläge,verbesserungs-vorschlag,verbesserungs-vorschläge,funktions-vorschlag,funktion-vorschlagen, bug,bugreport,feature,feature request,request feature,featurerequest,requestfeature, fehlermelden,fehler melden,melde fehler,meldefehler,fehler,verbesserungsvorschlag,verbesserungsvorschläge,verbesserungs vorschlag,verbesserungs vorschläge,funktions vorschlag,funktion vorschlagen: Send a feedback to the bot developer.,Gib uns Feedback zum Bot oder melde einen Fehler help,hilfe , : Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.,Zeigt die Liste aller verfügbaren Commands an, oder eine detaillierte beschreibung für einen bestimmten Command invite,einladen invitation, einladung,hinzufügen,bot-hinzufügen, einladung,hinzufügen,bot hinzufügen: Sends the invite link for this bot,Sendet den Einladungslink für diesen bot vote,abstimmen sponsor, wählen,unterstützen,helfen: Help the developer of the bot and vote for it, thanks 🤝,Helfe den Entwicklern und stimme für den Bot ab, danke 🤝 coc-clan,coc-clan , : Info about a clash of clans clan by clan tag,Info über einen Clash of Clans Clan anhand vom tag coc-player,coc-player , : Info about a clash of clans player by player tag,Info über einen Clash of Clans Spieler changelogs-send changelogssend: Report a User. chatlog : Create a chatlog checkguild : Check a guild. dboats : Discord Boats git-stats code-stats, gitstats, codestats, gitstats, codestats, code stats: Regenerates the Git stats online at: https://trenite.tk/stats/ premium : Premium. random-guild randomguild: restart : Restarts all bots status : Status test : test add-balance addbalance, balance-add, balanceadd, addbalance, balanceadd, balance add: add balance to user balance money, credits, bal: shows stats about a user daily : collect your daily reward eco-settings setup-eco, eco-setup, settings-eco, ecosettings, setupeco, ecosetup, settingseco, setup eco, eco setup, settings eco: Activate or Deactivate Economy Modules leaderboard eco-leaderboard, topten, top-ten, top-10, top10, leaderboard-eco, ecoleaderboard, topten, top10, leaderboardeco, eco leaderboard, top ten, top 10, leaderboard eco: shows the economy leaderboard monthly : collect your monthly reward pay payment: pay to a user remove-balance removebalance, balance-remove, removebalance, removebalance, balanceremove, balance remove: remove balance from user reset-balance resetbalance, balance-reset, balancereset, resetbalance, balancereset, balance reset: reset balance from user set-balance setbalance, balance-set, balanceset, setbalance, balanceset, balance set: set balance from user set-currency setcurrency, currency-set, currencyset, setcurrency, currencyset, currency set: Set the Currency of your guild slots casino, slotmachine: Play Casino with your balance weekly : collect your weekly reward eco-xp setup-xp, ecoxp, setupxp, setup xp: xp-system fn-block fnblock, fortnite-block, fortniteblock, fnlock, fn-lock, fortnite-lock, fortnitelock, fnblock, fortniteblock, fnlock, fortnitelock, fortnite block, fn lock, fortnite lock: Blocks or unblocks a user fn-challenges fnchallenges, fortnitechallenges, fortnite-challenges, fnchallenges, fortnitechallenges, fortnite challenges: Send the current challenges. fn-customs fncustoms, fortnitecustoms, fortnite-customs, fncustoms, fortnitecustoms, fortnite customs: 1 vs 1 Elo fn-elo fnelo, fortnite-elo, fortniteelo, fnelo, fortniteelo, fortnite elo: 1 vs 1 Elo fn-featured-islands fortnite-featured-islands, fn-islands, fortnite-islands, fnfeaturedislands, fortnitefeaturedislands, fnislands, fortniteislands, fortnite featured islands, fn islands, fortnite islands: fn-island fortnite-island, fortnite-islandsearch, fortnite-island-search, fnisland, fortniteisland, fortniteislandsearch, fortniteislandsearch, fortnite island, fortnite islandsearch, fortnite island search: Get information about a fortnite island. fn-map fn-map, fortnite-map, fnmap, fortnitemap, fnmap, fnmap, fortnitemap, fn map, fortnite map: Send the current fortnite map. fn-new-items fnitemsnew, fortnitenew, fortnite-new-items, fnnewitems, fortnitenewitems, fortnite new items: Send the new fortnite items fn-news fnnews, fortnitenews, fortnite-news, fnnews, fortnitenews, fortnite news: Display the fortnite news fn-patch fortnite-patch, fortnitepatch, fnpatch, fnpatch, fortnitepatch, fortnite patch: Patches all fortnite discord members fn-location fn-random-location, fn-randomlocation, fn-location-random, fn-locationrandom, fn-list-location, fn-listlocation, fn-locationlist, fn-location-list, fortnite-random-location, fortnite-randomlocation, fortnite-location-random, fortnite-locationrandom, fortnite-list-location, fortnite-listlocation, fortnite-locationlist, fortnite-location-list, fortnite-location, fnlocation, fnrandomlocation, fnrandomlocation, fnlocationrandom, fnlocationrandom, fnlistlocation, fnlistlocation, fnlocationlist, fnlocationlist, fortniterandomlocation, fortniterandomlocation, fortnitelocationrandom, fortnitelocationrandom, fortnitelistlocation, fortnitelistlocation, fortnitelocationlist, fortnitelocationlist, fortnitelocation, fn random location, fn randomlocation, fn location random, fn locationrandom, fn list location, fn listlocation, fn locationlist, fn location list, fortnite random location, fortnite randomlocation, fortnite location random, fortnite locationrandom, fortnite list location, fortnite listlocation, fortnite locationlist, fortnite location list, fortnite location: Send the current tournaments. fn-set-elo fn-setelo, fortnite-set-elo, fortnite-setelo, fnsetelo, fnsetelo, fortnitesetelo, fortnitesetelo, fn setelo, fortnite set elo, fortnite setelo: 1 vs 1 Elo fn-shop fortnite-shop, fnshop, fortniteshop, fnshop, fortniteshop, fortnite shop: Sends the current Fortnite item shop fn-stats fnstats, fortnite-stats, fortnitestats, fnstats, fortnitestats, fortnite stats: Fortnite Stats fn-status fortnite-status, fnstatus, fortnitestatus, fnstatus, fortnitestatus, fortnite status: Info about the Fortnite Server Status fn-verify fnverify, fortnite-verify, fortniteverify, fnverify, fortniteverify, fortnite verify: connects a discord account with a fortnite account funtranslate : Translates to specified language joke : Sends a dad-joke meme memes: Sends a random meme motivation : Sends a motivate Quote nasa : Sends nasa's astronomy picture of the day fake-tweet faketweet: Create a trello : Automatically informs you, if you update your trello board twitch twitch-notification, twitchnotification, twitchnotification, twitch notification: Manages twitch notifications youtube yt: Enable channel notifications on new YouTube videos yt-stats ytstats: displays general info about the given youtube channel yt-subs youtube-subs, yt-subcount, ytsubs, youtubesubs, ytsubcount, youtube subs, yt subcount: Display youtube subs on a channel. mc-server mcserver, checkmcserver, mcserver: Check the status of a minecraft server hy-stats hystats: displays network stats for a user mc-link mclink: links discord to minecraft account mc-stats mojang-stats, mcstats, mcstats, mojangstats, mojang stats: displays mc-player playerinfo, mc-info, minecraft, mcplayer, mcinfo, mc info: Get player info auto-publish autopublish: set up autopublish ban : Ban a User. clear purge, purge-messages, purge-message, delete, delete-messages, delete-message, clear-messages, clear-message, prune, prune-message, prune-messages, purgemessages, purgemessage, deletemessages, deletemessage, clearmessages, clearmessage, prunemessage, prunemessages, purge messages, purge message, delete messages, delete message, clear messages, clear message, prune message, prune messages: Clears an amount of messages in a channel dm : dm a user edit : edit a say message. edits : show the edits of a Message kick : Kick a User. log logs, chanel-logs, log-channel, chanellogs, logchannel, chanel logs, log channel: Set the channel for logs mute : Mutes a user reaction-role rr-setup, reactionrole, rrsetup, rr setup: Create a reaction role. report : Report a User. slowmode slow: set the slowmode of a channel, in seconds please! unmute : unmutes a user warn : Warn a user. warns warnings, infractions: get warns of a user nsfw : Sends a random nsfw picture antighostping : automatically warns users if they ping a role and shortly thereafter deletes the message autorespond autoresponder, auto-respond, auto-response, autoresponse, auto-responder, autorespond, autoresponse, autoresponder, auto respond, auto response, auto responder: Automatically responds to certain words in a message colorroles colurroles, colurrole, colorrole, colourrole, colourroles, rainbowroles, rainbowrole, colur-roles, colur-role, color-role, colour-role, colour-roles, rainbow-roles, rainbow-role, colurroles, colurrole, colorrole, colourrole, colourroles, rainbowroles, rainbowrole, colur roles, colur role, color role, colour role, colour roles, rainbow roles, rainbow role: Automatically color the roles custom-command custom-command, custom-commands, custom-cmd, cmd–custom, costom-command, costom-commands, costom-cmd, customcommand, customcommand, customcommands, customcmd, costomcommand, costomcommands, costomcmd, custom command, custom commands, custom cmd, costom command, costom commands, costom cmd: end-poll endpoll, endpoll: end a poll headline createimage, imagecreate, create-picture, createpicture, picture-create, picturecreate, headline, header, text2image, texttoimage, text2picture, texttopicture, profilepicture, pb, pp, picture, createpicture, picturecreate, create picture, picture create: Creates a image headline of your text language,sprache , sprache-setzen,sprache-einstellen, sprache setzen,sprache einstellen: Change the bot language for this server, leave leaves, left: Set the goodbye Message if a user leaves the Server poll abstimmung, voting: create a poll roster : server : setdescription : set your userinfo description support support-system, supportsystem, support system: Create your own support system to help your users template restore: Restores a server template todo todos: Creates a TODO Message with checkmarks welcome : Set the Welcome Message if a user joins the Server wordfilter word-filter, wordsfilter, words-filter, filter-word, filter-words, filterword, filterwords, sweardwords, swear-words, swear-word, blackword, black-word, black-words, blackwords, word-black, ban-words, wordfilter, wordsfilter, filterword, filterwords, swearwords, swearword, blackword, blackwords, wordblack, banwords, word filter, words filter, filter word, filter words, swear words, swear word, black word, black words, word black, ban words: server-stats serverstats: You can add channels with the server stats avatar : gets the avatar of a user bulk query, roleall, allrole, nickall: Edit, Manage, Delete multiple Users, Roles, Channels, Messages move : Move all members from one channel in one other react : React to the message before with an emoji remind reminder: reminds the user after the given time say announce: send a message from the bot with your specified message serverinfo guildinfo, server-info, guild-info, serverinfo, guildinfo, server info, guild info: info about the current server userinfo whois, user, user-info, who-is, userinfo, whois, user info, who is: shows stats about a user users users, users-size, userssize, users size: Users Size.