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Trenite feature all the basic moderation tools and adds essential features like a music-player and a support-system.

Developer: Trenite Dev#3661 

Prefix: ! (customisable)

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Where can i find a detailed feature overview?
Just take a look at our docs: click
Basic commands: $help Propably the most important command there is. Use it to display a general overview. $help [command]

Moderation ban: bans a user. clear: deletes the specified amount of messages in a channel. kick: kicks a user. log: sets the channel for logs. mute: mutes a user. report: reports a user to the server's mod-team. settings: displays the settings. warn: warns a user.

Fortnite customs: Creates a custom game elo: displays the elo of the user. leaderboard: displays the current leaderboard fortnite-news: display the fortnite news. queue: setup the Fortnite 1vs1 queue. fortnite-status: info about the fortnite server status. set-elo: sets the elo for a user shop: displays the fortnite item shop. stats: fortnite stats. verify: connects a discord account with a fortnite account.