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Customizable bot with moderating tools, music, leveling, and more- All features available from a web dashboard- ❤️

Developer: LamkasDev#4235 

Prefix: nm!

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Customizable bot with moderating tools, music, leveling, and more- All features available from a web dashboard- ❤️

❤️ NekoMaid offers a variety of cute emotes to express yourself with, very own economy system (gambling included wink), customizable leveling system, moderation tools and many more...

What might you want:
-- Custom welcome/leave messages
-- Automatic roles for new members
-- Leveling system with ranks
-- Moderation tools (ban, kick, mute, warn, ...)
-- Easily getting emotes from other servers onto yours
-- Member/Bot/Role/Channel counters
-- Reaction roles
–- Auto-mod (can ban specific words, server invites, links, …)


> Help & Information
help, support/server, invite, info, prefix, upvote/vote, suggest, ping

> Actions
arrest, bite, cuddle, pat, hug, kiss, kill, poke, lick, slap, nom, borgar

> Emotes
angry, blush, cry, dance, smug, smile, sleepy, think, lewd, pout

> Fun
coinflip, roll, 8ball, neko, foxgirl, cat, dog, owoify

> Profile
shop, profile, bal/balance, daily, work, crime, marry, divorce, transfer/pay, deposit, withdraw, top, rep, beg, use, steal, item, buy, quests

> Utility
customembed, rr/reactionroles, ava/avatar, say, image, yoinkemote, serverinfo, roleinfo, userinfo/memberinfo, osu, osuset, osutop, osulast, osurecent

> Music
play/p leave/stop, skip, queue, repeat/loop, shuffle, pause, clearqueue, np

> Moderation
clear/purge, someone, ban, unban, bans, mute, unmute, mutes, kick, warn, clearwarns, warns, zahando

> Server Config
Most configuration is found here - nm!config

> Leveling
Own configurable leveling system - nm!leveling

> Moderation
Most moderation settings - nm!moderation

> Audit Logs
Logging moderation events - nm!auditlog

And many more coming soon...
For help with any command type - nm!help <command>