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Ticket system, system ad, moderation, auto-moderation, promocode system and anti-link system

Developer: Jason Kings#0329 

Prefix: /

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The advantages of why our bot should be on your server:

1) New and unique in its kind system of announcements. To configure it, you need to specify only 3 things: the role of technical support, the channel where ads will be sent for processing and the channel where ads will be published after editing. All ads are sorted by numbers. There are 3 commands for working with ads: /accept - approve ads, /editad - edit ads text and /deny - refuse to publish ads.

2) Ticket system (or technical support). This system is fully configurable on all servers. You can change everything, from the technical support role to the categories in which the tickets will be placed. The commands for working with tickets can be found on page 3 in /help.

3) Several useful functions for your server, namely: random emos above random messages, deleting a message from the discord about attaching a message to the channel, authoring it when logging on to your server, anti-link system, user logs, and changing the prefix. Learn more about how to configure this - /help 6 page.

4) The bot supports not only Russian, but English as well. Soon it will also support the Ukrainian language. To install English, use the command /set language en

5) Many different commands for moderation. Details - /help 2 page.