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Ticket system, system ad, moderation, auto-moderation, promocode system and anti-link system

Developer: Jason Kings#6666 

Prefix: /

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What makes our bot different from others:

1) A cool system to customize your embed message. With the command /embsetup you can specify parameters of your embed: title, description, color, picture, time, caption and picture to caption. You can also add subheadings with the command /embfield(max: 10). Use /embsend to send your embed. Read more: /help - page 6

2) Announcement system. This system is similar to the one on the sampa servers. You use the /ad command to send your ad to a channel, where it can be approved (/accept), corrected (/editad), or rejected (/deny). You only need 3 things to set up this system: the role of the ad editor, the channel where ads are going to be accepted and the channel where ads are going to be published. Read more: /help - 7

3) Ticket System. Use /upload 0 to download this system. When creating a ticket, the role of moderators is notified, and after closing the ticket and its automatic deletion, a text file with the contents of the ticket, as well as the user in the PM will come to the ticket log channel. There is a command /myinfo @user to check moderators' activity, or just /myinfo (if you need to see your own). More about how to configure: /help - 7.

4) Many different utilities: anti-link (if enabled, only server administrators can send links), random emoji over random messages, and automatic removal of the discord message notifying you that a message is pinned. Read more: /help - 7.

5) A lot of commands to moderate the server (details: /help - 3.), a couple of commands for the economy (details: /help - 2), disabling unnecessary commands/modules (details: /help - 8).