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Polls, personalized profiles, economy stuff, and much more. Originally made for students during the COVID 19 pandemy.

Developer: a2b#0042 

Prefix: ! (custom)

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drink brain

Brainjuice is a very nice bot available in english and in french. He has a lot of cool commands, and even more cool stuff to come! It is constently being improved.

commands & features

  • !poll ==> democracy is cool

  • !profile ==> see other member's profile, upvote them, or customize your bio

  • !coins pay ==> give money to someone

  • !shop to get some fancy items

  • !inventory system for the stuff you carry

  • !trade to make exchanges, with saleable items, coins, or just nothing, to make a gift

  • !apod ==> look at the sky and get NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day

  • !chuck ==> look EVEN FURTHER than the sky and learn about God

  • !feedback==> give us your feedback. Fast.

  • XP system ==> well read the name

  • and more (・ω<)☆

upcoming classified stuff

  • !event will come back more beautiful than ever
  • !poll will get much better (DONE)
  • a guild currency!
  • !timetravel 05/05/1789 to travel in time. That's free.
  • !revealto make someone reveal his most disgraceful secrets

Nice, huh?