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TikTok utilities for Discord. Get post notifications, view profiles, watch videos, and more.

Developer: asportnoy#6969 

Prefix: tt: (customizable)

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TikTok utilities for Discord

Get Users

Get a user's followers, likes, and more.
Use the command tt:[tiktokusername].

See User Posts

Get the views, likes, comments, and shares on someone's recent posts.
Use the reaction menu on the user command.

Watch User Videos

Watch a user's recent videos without leaving Discord.
Use the reaction menu on the user command.


Get automatic updates of new videos from your favorite TikTokers. You can also set up notifications for livestreaming and like/follow milestones.
Enable this feature on the dashboard.

Auto Preview

TikTok video previews can be sent when a video link is found.
Enable this feature on the dashboard or use the tt:url command.

For You Page

Get a random For You Page video and watch it in Discord.
Use the command tt:fyp.

Account linking

Linking your TikTok account allows your @mention to be used in place of a TikTok username.
Use the command tt:link for more information.


Use the command tt:help to see what we offer.

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