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A bot based around Space and Space Exploration.

Developer: Livaco#0420 

Prefix: is!

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Please donate so I can keep this bot active

# Interstellar

Interstellar is a free to use discord bot created by Livaco#0420, which serves the goal to be the ultimate space themed discord bot.

What features does it have?

  • View information about Space Agency's, including private companies.
  • Access numerous different NASA API's, including the Astronomy Picture of the Day, Mars Rover Images, and more,
  • View hubble images.
  • View information about upcoming launches.
  • View information about planets.
  • Perform calculations such as Delta-V and Semi-Major Axis.

Can I get some previews of these features in action?


Can I request features or report bugs?

Of course! Come here and create a feature request. If you don't wish to make a Gitlab Account, join our support discord and i'll make it for you.


Of course we couldn't power this bot alone. Thanks to these websites for their API usage.