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A role management bot. Nothing else. Auto join roles, self assignable roles and reaction roles.

Developer: PapiOphidian#0110 

Prefix: ^ or @Tsukiko

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A banner of Tsukiko, a brunette cat girl in front of an out-of-focus background of code.

# Your cute role manager

Tsukiko is your modern role bot which can do:

  • Reaction roles
  • Customizable auto join roles
  • Self assignable roles

Roles done right

All of her role functionality is made to be as customizable as possible. Join roles can optionally have a delay for when they're added post join and also an optional remove after delay.

Tsukiko protects your server by making sure rogue members with permissions don't damage your server. People who have manage role permissions cannot exploit her by adding a role that's higher than or equal to their highest.


Let's cut back on the bulk a bit. Tsukiko only does roles and nothing else. She's reliable and easy to understand, guiding you through things. No unnecessary features no one will ever use.


Tsukiko has a few commands. You can use her ^help command to view a list of what she has to offer.

Here's a few examples of commands you can use to get started:

^selfassign "Cool People" add - selfassign is the main interface for self assignable roles and configuration. This allows anyone to give themself the Cool People role.

^join Members add "10 minutes 5 seconds" - join is the configuration command for auto roles. This adds the Members role to the list of roles people are given on join and optionally adds the role to them after 10 minutes and 5 seconds.

A screenshot of someone using Tsukiko, adding a self assignable role to her list and giving it to themselves.