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Sheer Heart Attack Avatar

Sheer Heart Attack

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A JoJo's bizzare adventure bot that gives you (almost) absolute control over your stand's actions.

Developer: Graphite#6043 

Prefix: +

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A JoJo's bizzare adventure based bot that gives you (almost) absolute control over your stand's actions. You can customize your stand as you wish and fight other users that are using the bot. It also has RNG, a disgusting amount of RNG. The bot is constantly updated with new features, minigames and easter eggs.

"This bot is so poggers"

  • Some dude from mudalads

"Pretty good if not a bit grindy"

  • My personal friend

As i said before, your stand is completely customizable and can use a plethora of different abilities and items.

A list of features im planning to add in the future:

Progressive fights A bunch of other abilities Acts And much more Voting for my bot will grant you a vote crate, which has a quite bit of money and items.

You can also donate @ https://ko-fi.com/graphitebot for 5mil coins and a donator crate.

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