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The bot is for fun, management, communication, and etc, and has various emotes and commands.

Developers: Detective Phanty!#5504 Kurasad#2521

Prefix: b/

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Blueberry is a cute multipurpose bot which unlocks many potential in a server :

To get started with blueberry you would do b/help command where you'd see all the commands she has.

BlueBerry has various roleplay commands as well, such as b/hug, b/kiss and many more like these which would help you express your feelings to other members or a close person to you.

This bot has moderation as well, so you can kick members, ban members from the server if they violate the rules which means BlueBerry may be able to help you in enforcing beautiful server moderation system.

We can also offer you tons of fun/utility commands which you can run in your server such as

b/pfp (user) - see the profile picture of an user or yours.

Do b/about to learn more about blueberry in general!

Our developer team does updates oftenly and constantly works on things relating her so we can improve her and give users a better experience on Discord with bots.

This bot was made with tons of efforts, and with all heart from the developers.

BlueBerry - Always yours bot with tons of commands which can make your server active!

Our team hopes to see you enjoy BlueBerry in your server <3

Every new server that invites BlueBerry is a motivation for us to improve her more and more for better user experience, as that's the most important thing ( user experience).