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Eco Life

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Eco Life is an economy bot with many awesome features and games.

Developers: Lion Luke.#8092 Destiny#2923

Prefix: ) or mention

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Eco Life is an economy bot with many awesome features and games to keep you happy and less bored.
This bot contains commands like slots, crime, working, and much more.
Below is list of cool features this bot has to offer and how much fun you can have. At it takes is a few clicks and very soon you will have a fun awesome bot in your server.

â—‹ Slots game

â—‹ Jobs; Vehicles and Properties

â—‹ Lottery (You can enter and if your lucky win some cash)

â—‹ Life System (Health, Food, Thirst, etc)

â—‹ A shop (You can buy food, drinks, and other items)

â—‹ Global Economy System (Compete with people all around the world)

â—‹ Fair Play System (There is no "Pay to win")

â—‹ Lots more to come!

As you can tell this bot has a load of awesome features and commands that will keep your members active having fun and competing against each other to get more money. So now that you know how cool this bot is its time for you to give it a shot and invite it now! We hope to see you using Eco Life! : )