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A multi-purpose bot based on the anime Gakkou Gurashi!

Developer: ãƒ‰ãƒƒã‚´#0069 

Prefix: yuki.

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Taromaru, a multi-purpose bot based on the anime Gakkou Gurashi!
Dm the bot for support! I will respond asap!

  • Needed*\
  • {} Secondary*\
  • Command1 / Command2 Atlases*

!! Profile needed. Create one using yuki.createprofile*
*-- Filtered. NSFW is filtered --


> support Get our support server invite link // Usage yuki.support
> invite Invite Taromaru to your server! // Usage yuki.invite
> help Get command help // Usage yuki.help {page number}
> serverinfo Get infomaion about this server! // Usage yuki.serverinfo
> userinfo Get infomation about a user! // Usage yuki.command {user}
> avatar Get someones avatar // Usage yuki.avatar {user}


> kick Kick a member // Usage yuki.kick {reason}
> ban Ban a member // Usage yuki.ban {reason}
> clear clears a set number of messages // Usage yuki.clear {number}


> 8ball Classic 8ball // Usage yuki.8ball
> ping Check the bots ping. Thats it. // Usage yuki.ping
> simp How much of a simp are you? // Usage yuki.simp !! Requires profile !!
> gay How gay are you? // Usage yuki.gay !! Requires profile !!
> rannum Gives you a random number based on the numbers provided. // Usage yuki.rannum
> f Pay respects. f. // Usage yuki.f !! Requires profile !!
> harassowner Send a dm to me. I don't care what you send :) // Usage yuki.harassowner
> pp Measure your pp // Usage yuki.pp !! Requires profile !! > owofiy *OwOify your text~ // Usage yuki.owoify
> brain U have a big brain or smol brain? // Usage yuki.brain !! Requires profile !!


> taromaru Get a random Taromaru gif! // Usage yuki.taromaru
> headpat Headpat someone // Usage yuki.headpat {user}
> hug Hug someone // Usage yuki.hug {user}
> kanna Get a random Taromaru gif! // Usage yuki.kanna
> gakkou Get a random image from r/GakkouGurashi // Usage yuki.gakkou -- Filtered --
> doggo Get a doggo meme/picture! // Usage yuki.doggo
> catto Get a catto picture! // Usage yuki.catto
> foxxo Get a foxxo picture! // Usage yuki.foxxo
> horseo Get a horseo picture! // Usage yuki.horseo
> birb Get a birb picture! // Usage yuki.birb
> meme Get a random meme from r/memes // Usage yuki.meme -- Filtered --
> reddit Get a random image from a subreddit of choice! // Usage yuki.reddit -- Filtered --
> baka Call someone baka! // Usage yuki.baka {user}

-=Indev (Sorting later!)=-

> daily get your daily Taromaru's! // Usage yuki.daily !! Requires profile !!
> balance / bal Check how much Taromaru's you have! // Usage yuki.balance !! Requires profile !!
> guessnumber Guess a num between 1-5 for some Taromaru's // Usage yuki.guessnumber !! Requires profile !!
> flipcoin Guess a coinflip for some Taromaru's // Usage yuki.flipcoin !! Requires profile !!
> createprofile Create a profile // Usage yuki.createprofile > profile Check your profile // Usage yuki.profile {member} !! Requires profile !!
> profileupdate Updates your profile just in case something new comes out! // Usage yuki.profileupdate !! Requires profile !!
> give Give some Taromaru's! // Usage yuki.give !! Requires profile !!
> slots A basic game of slots // Usage yuki.slots !! Requires profile !!
> temperature / temp Translate fahrenheit to celsius or the other way around! // Usage yuki.temp
> deleteprofile Delete your profile. // Usage yuki.deleteprofile !! Requires profile !!
> suggest Suggest a new command/feature to Taromaru! // Usage yuki.sugggest
> taromarulogs Send logs to a channel // Usage yuki.taromarulogs
> profiledescription / profiledesc Set/change/delete your profile description! // Usage yuki.profiledescription !! Requires profile !!


> afk Makes you afk. // Useage yuki.afk


> osuprofile View a Osu! profile. //Useage yuki.osuprofile > setosuprofile Set a Osu! profile as yours, so user becomes temp //Useage yuki.setosuprofile