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Squid bot is a bot heavily inspired by OwO Bot, coming with a massive economy and lots of fun commands!

Developer: Maciej#9531 

Prefix: sq

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Squid bot

an inspiration brought from OwO bot, and many more.

1. Core Features:

↓ Expeditions ↓

Go with your pet on a short adventure! Bringing back a lot of useful resources, more friends, and potential for powerful teams!

↓ Battling ↓

Battle random people as well as your own friends with your own dream-team that's fully customizable to you with 3 pet slots, each pet having an individual stat, position in team, and weapon slot!

↓ A huge economy! ↓

Put your pets up for sale, trade your pets with others, and more!

2. Addon Bots:

Invite addon bots like normal discord bots, unlocking more features to squid bot that will keep everything organized on different clients!

List of addon bots:

- Mushy