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Peepo is a meme bot for your meming needs.

Developer: Jayleaf#1234 

Prefix: p!


Peepo: Your meme bot.

Why Peepo? Peepo is a brand new bot that will continue to expand over time. The owner (myself) will be very responsive to support requests if need be. Peepo will be 24/7 for the foreseeable future.

Peepo's Commands: (run p!help to check in the server)

p!random - Get a random image from the subreddits r/dankmemes, r/memes, r/comedyheaven, r/eyebleach, r/funny, or r/deepfriedmemes.

p!(subreddit) - Get a random image from the subreddit used, choosing from one of the ones above.

p!8ball - Ask Peepo's 8 ball a question!

p!rate - Rate a message from a user!

p!urban - check the urban dictionary! (can only be ran in a nsfw channel)

p!invite - invite peepo to your server!

p!slap - Slap someone!

p!anonslap - Slap, but anonymously!

p!duel - Duel a friend in an extensive fighting system!

Keep in mind that although peepo is small now, it will grow much larger.