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Fateless a core utility bot that comes with advanced moderation, media and games.

Developer: Fate#0394 

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Fateless is a core utility bot which comes with advanced moderation features, and comes with a variety of games and media
commands. Fateless has over 20 commands which are separated into 3 sections, which are games, moderation and media. From
searching posts from your own reddit, to generating a dank meme or playing rock paper scissors. Fateless comes with a variety of games which enable your server to become more fun. Use >help to get started, and see everything Fateless can do! There are several games, and modes. If you like Pokemon or Minecraft, it also comes with a stats command so you can compare characters or servers. Fateless is mainly focused on making your server more interactive and engaging with these games. Fateless constantly comes with updates, we always planning on new things based on development plans and user suggestions. If you would like a game to be added, or a new feature, we're always happy to listen to feedback. Fateless comes with a lot of customisation, with an upcoming dashboard, and custom modules you can change Fateless the way you want it for your server allowing you get the perfect experience. Furthermore, it also comes with a range of media commands, Fateless is focused on Anime and fun media, to put a smile your face. You can generate anime or you can get memes, with our upcoming dashboard you will be able to add custom reddit search commands so you have a fixed command for a reddit you focus on in your server. Fateless is designed to have customisability, simplicity and excellence. These key 3 things allow Fateless to be easy, fun and simple to use without any hastle. So what are you waiting for? Invite Fateless into your server. Play the games, generate memes and have fun! Psst, if you make a suggestion to us we will definitely take it into consideration!