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Alchi brings music into your voice channel(s). He can play songs from YouTube or by name and acts upon your wishes.

Developer: Dominik#2522 

Prefix: a!

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What does the bot do?

  • Alchi plays music in voice channels.

Where can I see all the commands?

The "a!help"-command lists all the possible commands.

Here are some examples:

Command + What it does:

  • a!play URL/name - Plays a song from the given link/name. (YouTube)
  • a!loop - Loops the song that is currently playing.
  • a!skip - Skips a song.
  • a!setprefix Prefix - Changes the prefix of the bot for your server.

Here is a tip for you:

With "a!help CommandName" you get extra information on how to run certain commands.

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